A guide to at-home pet euthanasia costs

Learn about the costs involved when choosing pet euthanasia at home to provide a well-deserved and peaceful farewell to your beloved pet.

Giving your pet a peaceful send-off at home

The most difficult time for any pet owner is when it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved furry friend. Knowing that your pet will be passing is a reality many of us don’t want to face, but you can show them love to the very end by letting them pass in peace, at home and surrounded by people they love.

At home pet euthanasia is a way to help your beloved pet cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and comfortably while spending their last moments with you at the home where they have so many beautiful memories.

Read on if you are considering this extremely emotional and difficult option and want to know more about at home pet euthanasia costs.

Factors that determine at home pet euthanasia costs

Here are a few factors that may determine how much you will be spending on at-home pet euthanasia.

Location of your home

For this type of pet euthanasia, a team will need to visit your home to help your pet pass away peacefully. Depending on your geographical location, the total cost of the service may vary due to fluctuating overhead expenses.

End-of-life care

In the days or months leading up to the day you say goodbye to your beloved pet, you may choose palliative care to make your pet’s last days as comfortable as possible. This will add to the overall at home euthanasia costs.

Cremation or burials

The next step after the passing of your beloved pet is to give them a dignified burial or cremation. Pet euthanasia providers may offer to handle the cremation or burial of your pet for an additional charge if you wish.

Grief consultation costs

After your pet has been laid to rest peacefully, you may still find it difficult to come to terms with losing them. In this case, your pet euthanasia service provider may provide grief counselling to help manage your grief.

Rest Your Paws—we give your beloved pets the same love you do

A pet is a significant part of any family and when the time comes to say goodbye, you’ll want to make your beloved friend’s last days as peaceful and comfortable as possible. At Rest Your Paws, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best palliative care for pets — we care for your pets with just as much love and affection as you would.

Our veterinarians are skilled in providing gentle, dignified and compassionate pet euthanasia services to help you and your family get through this difficult time and give your pet the best possible support until the very end.

If you’re concerned about at-home pet euthanasia costs, we can help you understand all the costs involved in the process, from beginning to end. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is in good hands—always.


Why should I choose at-home pet euthanasia instead of euthanising my pet at the vet?

Through at-home pet euthanasia, your pet can pass away peacefully and comfortably in an environment that they are familiar with. Being at home in their final moments can help keep your cherished pet calm and relaxed, and it also provides a more private moment, unlike euthanasia at a clinic.

Prepare a comfortable and quiet place in a part of your home that your pet likes and feels relaxed. If your pet has any favourite toys, consider placing them close to the space you made for them.

Yes you can. Being present during the euthanasia process can help your pet feel more comfortable, and it will give you the chance to spend precious time with them in their final moments.

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