Aftercare Services for Dogs and Cats

Private Cremation

From $385

Your beloved dog or cat can be individually cremated with ashes hand delivered to your home in a personalised memorial keepsake. There are a variety of cremation packages and memorial keepsakes available to suit your wishes.

We can make all arrangements on your behalf when in conjunction with our veterinary service.

Community Cremation

The charge for this service is $275

Community Cremation provides an affordable alternative to Private Cremation. Your beloved pet will be respectfully cremated with other loved furry friends, with no ashes returned.

We can make all arrangements on your behalf when in conjunction with our veterinary service.

Animal Donation Program

If you are located in Sydney or Melbourne, there is an option of donating your pet’s remains to a Veterinary Teaching Hospital to further student education, and make a vital contribution to the training of other passionate veterinarians.

More information about the Animal Donation Program can be found on their website.

The university accepts donations free of charge. If unavailable, there may be an additional charge for our team to transfer your pet into their care.

Home Burial or Pet Cemetery

If you wish to bury your pet at home, please check with your local council to ensure you understand the regulations and legality.

There is also the option to have your pet buried at a pet cemetery which you can arrange independently.

How does it work?

Depending on your aftercare wishes, we can arrange to gently and respectfully transfer your pet after the euthanasia appointment. This can be either directly after the appointment (with no delay) or we can give you all the time you need to say your final goodbyes in the privacy of home.
Private Cremation
If you have opted for private cremation, we will let you know when your loved one is ready to be returned home. This usually takes between 10 business days. Your pet’s ashes will be hand delivered home in the memorial keepsake of your choice.
Pet Loss Support

We can arrange pet grief counselling for both adults and children to ensure your family is fully supported after the passing of your beloved pet.

Find out more about Pet Loss Support & Grief Counselling here.

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Lesa, Sydney

I needed to say goodbye to my beloved senior dog Huggi and from the beginning Dr. Courtney from Rest Your Paws showed empathy, understanding, compassion throughout the whole process from the initial consultation, organising the private cremation through to the goodbye of my pet. At all times she put my dogs comfort at the forefront of her care making the whole process so dignified and respectful and my beautiful dog passed away so peacefully. My dogs peaceful and painless passing is etched in my memory and I'm so grateful to Dr. Courtney. I can recommend Dr. Courtney to anyone needing to make the same decision I needed to make.

Karina, Sydney

Putting a pet down is absolutely devastating - my heart goes out to anyone reading this and wrestling with the decision. Please know that putting your trust in Rest Your Paws will be one of the kindest things you can do for your pet when it is their time to go.

Claudia, Sydney

The process of letting go is one of the hardest - but when you want your fur baby to pass with dignity and to be surrounded by love - Dr Courtney and her team is who you want.On two separate occasions this year Dr Courtney and her team exceeded expectations - from start to finish. The kindness and patience you receive is settling. You are assured that everything will be sorted with minimal stress on the hard day. Then when Dr Courtney arrives - the warmth you feel from her towards your fur baby and your family is just lovely.We need more people like Dr Courtney and her team for our fur babies. Words don’t do justice on how much we appreciate you all.

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Aftercare FAQs

When will my pet be collect after the appointment?

This will depend on your personal wishes. We can arrange to gently and respectfully transfer your pet straight after the euthanasia appointment (with no delay) or you can have all the time you need to say your final goodbyes in the privacy of home and we will be there when you are ready.

How can I be sure I get my pet’s ashes back?

We work with reputable licensed crematories who we have handpicked and regularly inspect their facilities in person to ensure the best possible service and standards. We know they will treat your pet with the same respect and love as we do. They will collect your beloved pet from your home straight after the appointment (or we will gently transfer your pet into their care) and they will personally hand deliver the ashes back to your home address. Each crematorium has very strict identification procedures in place to ensure that your pet’s ashes are theirs alone. Please get in touch if you want more information on private cremations.

When will my pet's ashes be returned?

Our trusted cremation partners will endeavour to return your beloved pet home to you within 10-14 business days following your appointment. The caring staff will get in touch with you directly when your pet’s ashes are ready to come home. They will ensure that a family member will be home to welcome your loved one back.

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