By Courtney Prue | June 18, 2022

Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

After many years of happiness, love and companionship, every family will eventually have to face the heartache of a final goodbye. By preparing for this day ahead of time and learning what options are available, you can turn those final moments in a beautiful memory that will last with you forever. Many pet owners hope that their pet will ‘die naturally’ at home or ‘pass away peacefully in their sleep’. However, more often than not, caregivers end up having to rush their pet to the nearest emergency clinic for the final appointment. This scenario causes unnecessary stress, pain and suffering, all of which can be avoided. Read more about the misconceptions of ‘natural death’ here. In-home pet euthanasia provides you with a compassionate, loving way to say goodbye to your pet where they’re most comfortable and at peace.

Here are some of the benefits of a compassionate in-home euthanasia and planning ahead:

Benefits for our pets 

  • There’s no place like home – the sights, smells and sounds of vet clinics make pets stressed and anxious. At home our pets are comfortable and relaxed, in familiar surroundings with their favourite toys, in their favourite bed or spot in the backyard.
  • No pain or suffering – your beloved pet will receive a mild sedative to be completely at peace. Only once you are ready will the vet give a painless dosage of anaesthesia and your pet will gently and peacefully drift off to sleep.
  • Reduced stress & anxiety – your cat or dog may be at a point where mobility is limited, back and forth visits to the vet clinic causes unnecessary pain, stress and anxiety.
  • Surrounded by loved ones – your beloved pet is able to enjoy their last moments surrounded only by those they love.
  • Other pets can be present – to say goodbye and not be left wondering where their brother or sister went or when they’re coming home.
  • Expert & professional care – dedicated Palliative Care Veterinarians are qualified in best practice euthanasia and end-of-life care. Your pet will be in the best hands, all in the comfort of home.


Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia
Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Benefits for you and your family 

  • Dedicated palliative care coordinator – you will be supported by a dedicated coordinator who will make all arrangements on your behalf (from the initial consultation to aftercare, cremation, memorial keepsakes and even pet loss support or grief counselling). That allows you to focus on and enjoy the precious time you have left with your beloved pet.
  • Available 7 days a week – schedule appointments when convenient for your entire family, including after hours, at weekends or on short-notice; giving you all the time you need to prepare emotionally.
  • No time limit on appointments – veterinarians support you through the process at your own pace and provide as much time as you need to say goodbye, in contrast to an allocated slot at a vet clinic. You will not feel rushed and can take your time to ask any questions you might have about pet cremation, burial, or even how to help your other pets adjust.
  • Complete flexibility – you have complete flexibility to personalise the end-of-life experience to suit your wishes, including any special ceremonies, sharing beautiful stories and saying goodbye on your terms. Click here for meaningful ways other pet parents have memorialised their fur babies.
  • Pet loss support and grief counselling – your family can be left to grieve in the privacy of your home. Most Palliative Care providers offer complimentary Pet Loss Support and Grief Counselling to support you and your family for as long as needed.
  • Meet your aftercare provider in person – the provider will collect your beloved pet after the appointment and you can meet the caring team who will be cremating your pet, and feel more comfortable knowing you are in good hands.

Our advice

We encourage all pet parents to contact your vet clinic or a dedicated Palliative Care Veterinarian and proactively plan ahead to create the end-of-life story you would like for your beloved pet. It’s an incredible final gift we can give our furry friends and can turn those final moments into a celebration of life and memories you will cherish.

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