What does at-home pet euthanasia cost in Australia

The prospect of losing a pet is akin to losing a close family member. In fact, your pet may be one of your closest family members.

Knowing the ‘right time’ to make this decision can be an incredibly difficult decision by itself—compounding all the logistics of location, costs and veterinary consultations into it, it may become even harder to deal with.

We want to help you navigate this situation and deal with it in stride so that you can give your pet the goodbye they deserve.

Let’s take it one step at a time. Here’s all the information you will need about pet euthanasia at home and its costs in Australia.

If you have to make this tough and heartbreaking decision, you might choose to do it at home and make sure that your companion is as comfortable as possible. While thinking about finances is probably the last thing you want to do at this moment, it is a necessary one. The average at-home pet euthanasia cost in Australia can range from $100 to $800.

The factors that affect at-home pet euthanasia costs


Depending on the regional area you are located in, at-home pet euthanasia costs can change. Urban areas are likely to have higher costs compared to rural areas as overheads can change.

Your pet

The type and size of your pet will change the costs as it can change the euthanasia solution that is required. Generally, for cats and dogs, the prices can range from $300 to $450.


There’s no need to stress the importance of choosing a veterinarian who will be gentle and understanding of the situation. Their costs may vary depending on the services they provide.


If you need emergency veterinary help and euthanasia services, that might cost more due to needing immediate attention—especially if services are needed outside working hours.


Apart from services like cremation and burial, pet euthanasia services also offer transfers to animal donation programmes and pet support and grief counselling, which can change costs.

Give your best friend the goodbye they deserve with Rest Your Paws

We all want to give our pets the best goodbye possible, but sometimes, a variety of reasons can affect our ability to do so. It can be financial issues, or maybe you simply lack the know-how to do it. Our experienced team makes sure that your pet spends their last moments comfortably, in a familiar environment with the ones they love around them. Home euthanasia services from Rest Your Paws include:

  • Gentle sedation so that your pet will be calm and relaxed and won’t feel any discomfort
  • An experienced veterinarian who will care for your pet, trained in Best Practice Euthanasia and CAETA-certified
  • A dedicated Care Team to make all the arrangements necessary for euthanasia, before and after the fact
  • Ink paw print keepsakes and lock of fur in a beautiful little glass vial

If you want to learn more about how we arrange a gentle goodbye for your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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