By Courtney Prue | June 28, 2022

‘Natural Death’ or In-Home Euthanasia For Pets?

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet will be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make. Unfortunately all pet owners will eventually have to face the heartache of a final goodbye. Nothing compares to the love we have for our pets, and as pet owners we will do everything in our power to keep them safe from harm throughout their life. But there comes a time when they may need us to make a very difficult decision on their behalf in order to protect them from suffering.

How can I help my pet pass away peacefully?

We often hear: “I hoped she would pass naturally in her sleep at home”. That’s completely understandable. The idea of a ‘natural death’ being peaceful helps pet owners cope with this incredibly difficult situation. But unfortunately, allowing your pet to die naturally leads to a lot of unnecessary stress, pain and suffering for our furry friends and their families, all of which can be avoided. We can only guarantee a gentle and peaceful passing with humane pet euthanasia.

Many people don’t fully understand the benefits of in-home pet euthanasia, especially compared to a ‘natural death’. It is entirely normal to feel uncomfortable planning and talking about the subject, but it is very important. We owe it to our beloved pets to explore all avenues and plan for a peaceful passing. Some common misconceptions have led many people to shy away from the decision, often with regrettable consequences.

I hope the remainder of this article will help you better understand humane dog or cat euthanasia compared to what it means to have a ‘natural death’, and plan for a gentle goodbye when the time is right.

Natural Death’ or In-Home Euthanasia For Pets?
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Unfortunately death is inevitable, but how our beloved pets leave this world is completely within our control. A pet’s final days will be a memory that stays with us through our life. All pet owners have the opportunity to choose humane euthanasia to make sure their pet passes peacefully, in the comfort of home and surrounded by family and friends. It’s an incredible gift we are able to give our furry family members and can turn those final moments into a celebration of life and a beautiful memory you will cherish, not something you feel guilty about or dread.
It is incredibly rewarding to provide families with this service and allow your beloved pet to have a gentle and peaceful passage. We are experts in animal palliative care and will ensure that your pet has the best end of life possible.

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