Preparing your space for peaceful vet euthanasia at home

Make your pet’s farewell comfortable for both you and your beloved companion. Our guide covers lighting, music, and comforting rituals, ensuring a peaceful farewell.


As pet owners, we share an unbreakable bond with our beloved companions. It is something that fills us with joy, comfort, and love. However, there are certain situations where we must face the painful decision of saying goodbye.

Pet euthanasia is a reality that some of us have to face, and it is one of the hardest decisions anyone has to make. However, vet euthanasia at home is much more than just a medical procedure — it is a farewell that we remember for the rest of our lives.

Here, we want to help you learn how to create a comforting, familiar space for your pet during their final moments. Having serene surroundings during this trying time is not just for them, it’s for you too. Let’s see how you can prepare your home for a peaceful euthanasia procedure.

How to prepare your space for peaceful vet euthanasia at home

From soft candlelight to familiar melodies, we will guide you to create a safe and loving space where your pet can pass away peacefully.

Gentle illumination

Lighting can make a big difference to any space. Consider using candles, fairy lights, or dimmed lamps to achieve a soft, diffused tone.

A melodic farewell

The power of music cannot be overstated. You can play music familiar to your pet, or soothing melodies like ambient sounds and soft classical compositions.

A place to be present

Arrange comfy cushions or blankets for yourself and your pet. Sit close, hold them gently, and offer reassurance.

Scents and memories

Surround your space with your pet’s favourite toys, blankets, beds or a piece of your clothing.

A shared goodbye

Invite family members or friends who have shared a special bond with your beloved pet and share their stories.

Aftercare plans

Whether it’s cremation, burial or a different option like donation of your pet’s body to a learning institution, speak with your vet and decide on aftercare.

Rest Your Paws is here to offer a peaceful goodbye to your beloved friend

Rest Your Paws offers trained vet euthanasia at home for cats and dogs. Our experienced professionals will help you navigate this difficult time, and our compassionate services are catered to your pet’s comfort.

Our home euthanasia services include:

  • Gentle sedation to ease any pain or discomfort and ensure your pet is calm and relaxed
  • A caring, CAETA-certified Veterinarian dedicated to, and trained in Best Practice Euthanasia
  • A dedicated Care Team to make all arrangements and help you navigate this difficult time — from pre-euthanasia planning to aftercare options
  • Ink paw-print keepsakes & locks of fur in a beautiful glass vial.

We want to help you give your pet the goodbye they deserve — get in touch to make an appointment, or if you have any questions.

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Is pet euthanasia at home safe?

As long as you have consulted a veterinarian and it is performed by a veterinarian trained in Best Practice Euthanasia and CAETA-certified, pet euthanasia at home is completely safe.

You may want to consider their presence if you have more pets at home. Some pets may find solace in being nearby, while others might feel anxious. Trust your instincts or talk with our Client Care Team.

We all deal with these kinds of situations differently. However, if you do choose to be present, be fully present. Speak softly, stroke their fur, and share memories to make them more comfortable.

At Rest Your Paws, our home euthanasia package—which includes gentle sedation, euthanasia conducted by a certified vet, pre-planning and aftercare help, and a selection of keepsakes—costs $495 for cats and dogs.

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